Painting "Starry Night", Vincent Van Gogh
There is no artist in the world who would not be attracted to the starry sky. The author has repeatedly appealed to this romantic and mysterious object. The master was…

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How photography completely changed the visual arts
Both painting and photography are forms of visual art that are designed to create images and visual symbols. The difference in the method of manufacture and creates some features. Painting…

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Soviet painting - the history of modern art
The culture of the Soviet and post-Soviet period is a bright large-scale coil of Russian heritage. The events of 1917 became the reporting point in the development of a new…

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being dramatized

Secrets of famous paintings

Works of art often become particularly popular if they are legends about them or if they unexpectedly turn out to be not what they seem at first glance. “Kultura.RF” reveals the secrets of famous – and not very – Russian paintings.
“The Nun” by Ilya Repin
A young girl in strict monastic clothes looks at the viewer thoughtfully from a portrait. The image is classic and familiar – he probably would not have aroused interest among art historians if it were not for the memoirs of Lyudmila Alekseevna Shevtsova-Spore – the niece of Repin’s wife. They found a curious story.
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The painting and its role in the art market

Inevitably come to mind the prophetic words of Andy Warhol, who recognized business in art and art in business. By this, the existence of the same motive, both in profit and in the creation of paintings.
Purchase of art can be compared only with a tape measure. In fact, the risk is not significant, the more valuable the picture, the greater the chance that in the future it will bring profit to its owner.
The art market is a very complex system. How to understand for example, when one billionaire sells another billionaire a picture for a hundred million or more. (In November 2006, David Geffen, a magnate from Hollywood, sold the picture of Woman III, artist William Koening, to billionaire Stephen A. Cohen for $ 137.5 million.) What is the point? Or when the same David Geffen, artist Jackson Pollock, for 140 million dollars .. Continue reading

Oil painting – from old masters to modern

Also paints with a transparency effect were invented, thanks to which the previous paint layers are translucent, and I get a glow – a glaze technique.
Artists of that era studied the chemical properties of oil paints in order to properly apply a layer and prevent their damage in the future.
The 14th millennium for Holland and Germany was marked by the birth of a special form of oil painting.
With the help of the artist Jan van Eyck, painting acquired brilliance and brightness, thanks to which everyone believed in the existence of some kind of secret technique. Continue reading

10 facts about the picture of Aivazovsky "The Ninth Wave"
We continue the project "The History of One Picture." In it we tell about the most famous canvases from Petersburg museums. Today - "The Ninth Wave" by Ivan Aivazovsky. Fact…


Socialist realism
Social realism as a way of perceiving reality and labor in an embellished form appeared in the USSR in the 1930s and was intended to replace the "bourgeois" art, which…


As a famous artist, Vasnetsov and his brothers created fabulous furniture for Russian theaters.
Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - one of the most famous Russian artists, his brother Apollinarius is also known, but rather those who are interested in historical painting and theater. The other…