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About art emigration from Russia to the West (1920-1950s)
The problem of including the artistic heritage of Russian emigration in the concept of the development of Russian art of the 20th century in our days does not cease to…

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BOY WITH A TUBE by Pablo Picasso
The most expensive painting in the world? In 2004, at an Sotheby’s auction, an unknown buyer acquired the work of Pablo Picasso “Boy with a Pipe” (Garson and la Pipe)…

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Explore Bosch: the hidden meanings of the "Garden of Earthly Delights"
Despite the great work of researchers, the fantasy world of this amazing artist has not yet been solved. "Melody, written on the boy's buttocks", apparently, not a very good name…

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The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1511

The greatest miracle appears before the viewer in all its glory. The mystery that does not cease to excite the imagination of man is interpreted by the great master very logically and coherently.
Flies in the endless space of the Creator, surrounded by helper angels. The last great Matter is left to complete the Creation of the world – the creation of man, the only living being similar in image and inner filling with the Creator himself.
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Painting “Starry Night”, Vincent Van Gogh

There is no artist in the world who would not be attracted to the starry sky. The author has repeatedly appealed to this romantic and mysterious object.
The master was closely within the real world. He considered that it was his imagination, the game of imagination, which was necessary for a fuller image. It is known that by the time the picture was created, the author was undergoing another course of treatment, he was allowed to work only if his condition improved. The artist was deprived of the opportunity to create in kind. He created many works during this period (including “Starry Night”) from memory.
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The mystery is revealed why Mona Lisa does not smile at everyone

Mona Lisa smiles? Smirks? Or just twisted her mouth? Maybe even contemptuously curled? Dr. Erika Siegel (Dr Erika Siegel) and colleagues from the University of California (University of California, San Diego) believe that there can be no exact answer to such questions – everyone sees their own. Because the facial expression of the woman depicted in the picture varies depending on the emotional state of people who came to her in the Louvre. Mona Lisa is sure to smile to the cheerful, joyful, spiritual and happy visitors. Grim and evil – make a face. Indifferent – do not express anything at all.
Erika Siegel told the British newspaper Daily Mail that she drew conclusions from experiments. 43 volunteers took part in them – people are not quite ordinary, but with a pronounced dominance of one eye over the other. A person who has a dominant or leading eye, as it is also called, is the one that relies first and foremost in receiving visual information. Continue reading

“The Last Supper”: the story of the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous images of the last meal of Jesus Christ with his disciples. He began work on it in 1495 or 1496, and graduated in 1498. This masterpiece of the Renaissance has been praised, studied and replicated for over 500 years, and the fresco itself is still on the wall of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. The publication Business Insider talked about it with the historian and author of the book “Leonardo da Vinci and The Last Supper” Ross King.
At one time, the fresco was very popular.
A copy of the frescoes by Italian artist Dzhampetrino. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Despite the fact that today Da Vinci is known as the author of various inventions, manuscripts, drawings and sketches, it was the Last Supper that ensured him fame during his lifetime. Continue reading

“Unequal marriage” almost destroyed the friendship

“She exchanged me for a rich manufacturer!” – sobbing, explaining the reason for parting with her beloved Sophia Rybnikova, friend of the young artist Vasily Pukirev, merchant Sergey Varentsov. And while the abandoned bridegroom tried to understand that the 24-year-old favorite found this “old man” (although his rival named Karzinkin was only 37 years old), the artist took and used this plot for the picture “Unequal Marriage”. True, the difference in the age of the newlyweds in the picture seems to be much larger, and the manufacturer was drawn generals shoulder straps.
There was a place on the canvas and the retired bridegroom – he is looking out from behind the bride’s shoulder with a mute reproach. He, by the way, at the time was 30 years old.
Seeing the picture at the presentation, it was the Academic Exhibition of 1863, – Varentsov threw a scandal to a friend. Pukirev had to change the image of Varentsov in the picture. Continue reading

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