The painting and its role in the art market
Inevitably come to mind the prophetic words of Andy Warhol, who recognized business in art and art in business. By this, the existence of the same motive, both in profit…

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Soviet painting - the history of modern art
The culture of the Soviet and post-Soviet period is a bright large-scale coil of Russian heritage. The events of 1917 became the reporting point in the development of a new…

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Russian art in the Catherine period finally goes beyond one portrait form. A multi-genre painting system emerges at the Academy, and a historical picture appears. One of the brightest representatives…

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10 facts about the picture of Aivazovsky “The Ninth Wave”

We continue the project “The History of One Picture.” In it we tell about the most famous canvases from Petersburg museums. Today – “The Ninth Wave” by Ivan Aivazovsky.
Fact one. The author.
The great Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky has Armenian roots. His ancestors bore the name Ayvazyan. He himself was recorded in the register as Hovhannes Ayvazyan. And his father signed the name “Gaivazovsky.” The same name when entering the art school and used the future painter. A few years later, he decided to drop the first letter – and became Aivazovsky.
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Secrets of famous paintings

Works of art often become particularly popular if they are legends about them or if they unexpectedly turn out to be not what they seem at first glance. “Kultura.RF” reveals the secrets of famous – and not very – Russian paintings.
“The Nun” by Ilya Repin
A young girl in strict monastic clothes looks at the viewer thoughtfully from a portrait. The image is classic and familiar – he probably would not have aroused interest among art historians if it were not for the memoirs of Lyudmila Alekseevna Shevtsova-Spore – the niece of Repin’s wife. They found a curious story.
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Art as a source of pleasure

Man is a social being. The history of mankind shows that people have always wanted to share their thoughts and feelings with other beings. Painting is one of the most ancient forms of art known to man. The forms of art have changed over many millennia, but it still remains the most popular means of communication.
There are various forms of art in every corner of the globe: on documents, dishes (glass, china), clothes, etc. Even wall art – graffiti, is considered as such, since it is also intended to convey thoughts and feelings. However, the picture – the most popular of the known forms of art. It is believed that it was invented in Afghanistan, and later, in the Renaissance, spread among artists. Continue reading

Oddities of pictures
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). As experts in the field of painting admit, the famous Italian Renaissance artist perfectly mastered the techniques of building a linear perspective. In fact, the sketch…


10 facts about the picture of Aivazovsky "The Ninth Wave"
We continue the project "The History of One Picture." In it we tell about the most famous canvases from Petersburg museums. Today - "The Ninth Wave" by Ivan Aivazovsky. Fact…


"Morning in a pine forest" by Ivan Shishkin
The forest landscape with bear cubs playing on a fallen tree is perhaps the most famous work of the artist. Here are just the landscape design idea Ivan Shishkin suggested…